OfficeLuv Product Team

Team Principles

Trust & Accountability

We trust our members to make the best decisions possible with the information they have. We hold each other accountable to improve ourselves and the work we produce.

Solve the Right Problem

Starting with basic insights, we build solutions targeted at specific outcomes.

Collaboration Through Communication

We clearly articulate our ideas to make our products and each other better.

Be Curious

We encourage each other to constantly explore, eagerly question, and openly learn.

Think Big, Solve Small

We tackle big problems with small, iterable solutions. Products should be composable to address larger uses.

Know Who They Are and Care About What They Want

Our users are the key to our success; we are dedicated to understanding them and helping them succeed.

Strong Beliefs, Loosely Held

We fight fiercely for our ideas. We also change and adapt our positions readily in the light of new information.