Discussion Topics

The OfficeLuv product team selects a weekly topics for discussion. Each member can bring a video, article, presentation, website, or some such thing to the group. We then vote on one to discuss the following week. Here are the ones we've chosen.

Event Sourcing Basics

10 Nov 2017

In which we discuss the ideas, costs, and benefits of event sourcing in our apps. Further (recommended) reading includes the log and event-driven architecture.

Nobel Prize Win for Clock Genes

01 Nov 2017

In which we discuss the Nodel Prize awarded to researchers of circadian rythyms.

Incident Management in Tech & Product

20 Oct 2017

In which we discuss the ICS/IMS style of incident management in product/tech teams at Heroku and at Simple.

Diving Into Startup Equity

08 Sep 2017

In which we discuss how, exactly, startup equity and venture capital operates (as viewed by a VC) and what employees should know about their equity (as viewed by an employee).

Stripe's Email and Company Transparency

20 Jul 2017

In which we discuss the concept of company-wide transparency and Stripe’s attempt via open email. Recently, they followed up with more observations on that idea.

Cheryl Tells Us He's a Creep

11 Jul 2017

In which we discuss the recent disclosures about Dave McClure’s creepiness and the response by Cheryl Yeoh on how he affected her and others..

Constant Pushing and an Engineering Team Matrix

20 Jun 2017

In which we discuss the upsides or downsides of true continuous deployment with The Push Train and the evaluation of engineering teams through a tech competency matrix.

Understanding Cryptocurrencies and The Dao Attack

09 Jun 2017

In which we discuss the current outlook of the rising Bitcoin valuation and the history of cryptocurrency attacks like The Dao Attack.

The How and Who of WannaCry

26 May 2017

In which we walk through how, exactly, WannaCrypt works and then talk about who (maybe) is to blame.

AI vs. MD - Robots Taking Jobs

07 Apr 2017

In which we discuss the probability of algorithms taking over the jobs of medical doctors and whether experts can even follow their own rules/advice.

Said at the close of this discussion:

These talks are making me smarter.

UK Minister Wants to Ban Encryption

31 Mar 2017

The UK minister of the interior said encryption on messaging services is unacceptable. This feeling has a history in the United Kingdom.

There is a relevant ATP podcast episode: You can’t outlaw math (begins around 26:00).

Julie Rubicon

24 Mar 2017

Robin Sloane tells a developer legend in Julie Rubicon.

Enforcing User Password Strength

21 Mar 2017

Jeff Atwood talks about how password rules are bullshit and ReplyAll (maybe?) tracked down a hacked Uber account.

Troy Hunt on the CloudPets Leak

10 Mar 2017

A fantastic story and account of how data from connected CloudPets teddy bears was leaked and ransomed, exposing kids’ voice messages.

Michael Specter On Deniability and Duress

17 Feb 2017

Do technology builders have a responsibility to provide deniability under duress or protection for users?

Jenn Schiffer on Tech Satire

09 Feb 2017

Jenn Schiffer speaks at XOXO 2016 about creating tech satire as a woman and member of the tech community.

The Future of Programming

30 Jan 2017

Bret Victor’s semi-satirical The Future of Programming.

Bret Victor is an interesting dude. Here’s his personal site if you’re interested in more thoughts of his.

Semi-Autonomous, Self-Driving Cars

23 Jan 2017

Tesla crash investigation yields data of 40% reduction in crashes since using autonomous driving on the highway.

Nissan bets on using remote humans to control autonomous driving in sticky situations.

The moral machine, recording data on human moral decisions.

Progressive Web Apps

17 Jan 2017

Native Apps are Doomed & Native Apps are Doomed, Part 2

Apps are Dying

Progressive Web Apps Issues and Concerns

What the Web can do Today

Language Memory Models

06 Jan 2017

Memory Models that Influence Programming Languages


16 Dec 2016

Superintelligence: The Idea That Eats Smart People - Maciej Ceglowski